The Spider’s Web [US 1938]

Info: I embedded a fan edit below. It’s basically the full story without the introduction and preview parts for each episode. This trims down the runtime heavily but you can’t really see the cliffhangers. THE PLOT The Spider’s Web is an action movie serial about Richard Wentworth, a wealthy, middle-aged amateur criminologist, who is alsoContinue reading “The Spider’s Web [US 1938]”

Freaks [US 1932]

Info: This review was originally written on 11/29/2017. Also, I embedded the full movie on YouTube. THE STORY Freaks depicts the lives of several sideshow performers with abnormalities – hence, the derogative word “freaks”. At its core, it is a drama about a beautiful trapeze artist Cleopatra taking advantage of a midget (Hans), because ofContinue reading “Freaks [US 1932]”