La Casa Lobo [CL 2018]

International title: The Wolf House Info: I embedded the full movie below. Watch it in Spanish/German or download it for English subtitles. THE PLOT La Casa Lobo is an animated horror drama set in Chile, where the young woman Maria had fled from her community – the infamous German sect Colonia Dignidad – into theContinue reading “La Casa Lobo [CL 2018]”

Blancanieves [ES 2012]

International title: Snow White Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT Blancanieves is a loose adaptation of Snow White, the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, set during the early 20th century in Seville, Spain. The movie imitates the style of silent pictures of the 1920s, featuring black and white cinematography, aContinue reading “Blancanieves [ES 2012]”

41 [AU 2012]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT After an exam, Aidan, a young student of philosophy, meets his doppelganger who tells him, to not go to a certain motel. Naturally, Aidan is curious and investigates the place. There, he encounters his ex-girlfriend Lauren who works part-time to support her art. They decide toContinue reading “41 [AU 2012]”

Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]

International title: Big Fish and Begonia Info: This review was originally written 2017/12/06. I embedded the full movie (Japanese dub, English sub) below. THE STORY Dàyú hǎitáng is a supernatural animation movie set in a magic world, that lies beneath our oceans and is inhabited by magical spirits (oftentimes looking just like humans). After aContinue reading “Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]”

Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]

International title: The Tragedy of Man Info: I embedded the full movie with English subtitles below. THE PLOT Az Ember Trédiája (international title: The Tragedy of Man) is an epic, animated adaption of a famous Hungarian play by the same name. It draws on Christian beliefs about the origin of the world and mankind (cp.Continue reading “Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]”