La Casa Lobo [CL 2018]

International title: The Wolf House Info: I embedded the full movie below. Watch it in Spanish/German or download it for English subtitles. THE PLOT La Casa Lobo is an animated horror drama set in Chile, where the young woman Maria had fled from her community – the infamous German sect Colonia Dignidad – into theContinue reading “La Casa Lobo [CL 2018]”

Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]

Info: I embedded the full movie below (English dub version). International title: Time Masters THE PLOT After an accident on the planet Perdide, the young boy Piel lost his father and is all alone in a hostile environment. Piel only has an egg-shaped transmitter to hold contact with the other crew members. The captain, Jaffar,Continue reading “Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]”

The Mind’s Eye [US 1990]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT The Mind’s Eye is an experimental short film that consists of various commercial computer-generated short segments that have been assembled to thematically tell a rudimentary story. The animated shorts were mostly produced in the late 1980s and feature landscapes, architecture, animals, and surrealistic figures. While mostContinue reading “The Mind’s Eye [US 1990]”

Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]

International title: Big Fish and Begonia Info: This review was originally written 2017/12/06. I embedded the full movie (Japanese dub, English sub) below. THE STORY Dàyú hǎitáng is a supernatural animation movie set in a magic world, that lies beneath our oceans and is inhabited by magical spirits (oftentimes looking just like humans). After aContinue reading “Dàyú hǎitáng / 大鱼海棠 [CN 2016]”

Blood Tea and Red String [US 2006]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT Blood Tea and Red String is a stop motion animation movie about bird-like animals that live in a tree and, after a group of mice have stolen their self-made doll, embark on a journey to find it. Along their journey, they encounter a labyrinth with poisonousContinue reading “Blood Tea and Red String [US 2006]”

Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]

International title: The Tragedy of Man Info: I embedded the full movie with English subtitles below. THE PLOT Az Ember Trédiája (international title: The Tragedy of Man) is an epic, animated adaption of a famous Hungarian play by the same name. It draws on Christian beliefs about the origin of the world and mankind (cp.Continue reading “Az Ember Trédiája [HU 2011]”