Wir [DE 1982]

Info: I embedded the full movie with automatically translated English subtitles below. The English subtitles may not work for some apps. International title: We THE PLOT In a dystopian society called One State, everything is controlled by efficient algorithms, as well as by an all-powerful dictator called Benefactor. The unitary society lives in a largeContinue reading “Wir [DE 1982]”

Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]

Info: I embedded the full movie below (English dub version). International title: Time Masters THE PLOT After an accident on the planet Perdide, the young boy Piel lost his father and is all alone in a hostile environment. Piel only has an egg-shaped transmitter to hold contact with the other crew members. The captain, Jaffar,Continue reading “Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]”

Solyaris / Солярис [SU 1968]

Info: I embedded the full two-part television movie below. International title: Solaris THE PLOT Onboard the Prometheus, the scientist Kris Kelvin reaches a space station orbiting the planet Solaris. However, as he arrives, the space station seems deserted. After some time, he finds one of three colleagues he is set to work with, Dr. Snout.Continue reading “Solyaris / Солярис [SU 1968]”

Verdens Undergang [DK 1916]

International title: The End of the World Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT Verdens Undergang is an early science fiction movie about two daughters of a wealthy mine owner, Dina and Edith, and how they experience an imminent collision of a comet with Earth. Previously, Dina had left a small mining townContinue reading “Verdens Undergang [DK 1916]”

Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]

International title: Il Mare THE PLOT Siworae is a romantic drama with science fiction elements about two young adults, Sung-Hyun and Eun-Joo, who live in different times but are connected through a mysterious letter box by a lake house that transports letters and other objects from 1998 to 2000. Sung-Hyun is an architect and Eun-JooContinue reading “Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]”