Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]

Info: I embedded the full movie below (English dub version). International title: Time Masters THE PLOT After an accident on the planet Perdide, the young boy Piel lost his father and is all alone in a hostile environment. Piel only has an egg-shaped transmitter to hold contact with the other crew members. The captain, Jaffar,Continue reading “Les Maîtres du temps [FR 1982]”

41 [AU 2012]

Info: I embedded the full movie below. THE PLOT After an exam, Aidan, a young student of philosophy, meets his doppelganger who tells him, to not go to a certain motel. Naturally, Aidan is curious and investigates the place. There, he encounters his ex-girlfriend Lauren who works part-time to support her art. They decide toContinue reading “41 [AU 2012]”

Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]

International title: Il Mare THE PLOT Siworae is a romantic drama with science fiction elements about two young adults, Sung-Hyun and Eun-Joo, who live in different times but are connected through a mysterious letter box by a lake house that transports letters and other objects from 1998 to 2000. Sung-Hyun is an architect and Eun-JooContinue reading “Siworae / 시월애 [KR 2000]”